Cross Training


Boxfit is an exercise class that combines weights, cardio, boxing and interval training to develop overall strength and fitness. This type of fitness training uses varied workouts and specific movements to target different muscle groups and tailored routines can be designed for participants of almost all ages and abilities, from grandparents to elite athletes. The format of the sessions is different each time and although everyone does the same workout, a trainer will tailor your workout by selecting weights and goals that are suitable for your level of fitness and strength.


A perfect complement to boxing or martial arts training or effective as a fitness program in itself, Boxfit can help you lose weight, increase your strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. As it’s done in a group it’s much more sociable and fun than working out at the gym on your own and your trainer will encourage you to challenge yourself for maximum benefit. It can help to improve your performance in other sports or martial arts and reduce your chance of injuring yourself by strengthening all your muscle groups. You can expect to see improved strength, stability & stamina as a result of regular Boxfit classes.

Is Boxfit for you?

If you are looking for a varied and challenging workout to help improve overall strength and fitness, Boxfit might be ideal for you. It can be suitable for a range of ages and levels of fitness and ideal for those who like to work out in a group. Taught by professional instructors in a safe environment, Boxfit can be fun and fitness combined.
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