Kids Boxing

Kids Boxing

Kid Boxing

What is kids boxing?

The kids’ boxing program is targeted at children aged eight and over and can be a great way to introduce younger enthusiasts to the principles of boxing in a safe and controlled environment. Boxing classes for kids focus on teaching self-control, discipline and physical fitness in a group setting, which can be useful skills to help kids at school and in the home.


There are many benefits to teaching kids the fundamentals of boxing at a young age. Boxing classes can provide an outlet for aggression in a supervised and well controlled environment. If also offers a chance for children to develop essential life skills such as self-discipline and self-control. Boxing can encourage lifelong habits of health and fitness and set kids on the path to a healthier adulthood.

By allowing kids a chance to channel their aggression and energy in a positive way, kids boxing classes can help reduce the chances of them finding less constructive outlets for their natural aggression. Boxing helps build self confidence in children and teaches them about the natural consequences of their actions. It’s also an added opportunity for kids to have fun, burn off excess energy, and make new friends.

Is kids’ boxing for your child?

Does your child have lots of energy? Kids’ boxing can be a great way to help kids release their energy while learning discipline and a valuable new skill. Boxing may be particularly useful for kids who lack self-confidence or self-discipline and it can provide them with a structured environment in which to learn a range of skills including self defence and to improve their physical fitness.
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