Womens Boxing

Women’s Boxing

Women’s Boxing

What is Women’s Boxing?

Women’s boxing is a women only boxing and self-defence class. Held downstairs in a private area, this is a fun and supportive class to suit all ages and abilities. With a focus on women’s fitness these tailored boxing classes are taught by former Australian Flyweight champion and former Oceana Bantamweight champion Bianca Elmir.


Boxing is a great overall workout which burns calories, increases cardiovascular fitness and helps build lean muscle. Boxing is one of the few activities which uses every muscle in the body and has proven benefits in aiding women’s fitness and weight loss. Boxing is fun and can be an interesting variation on the usual gym based workouts and it can provide a great outlet for stress and aggression.
Boxing for women can help improve self-confidence. By teaching self-defence, boxing classes can help women feel empowered and stronger and this can have a positive effect on self-esteem. Many women feel intimidated at the thought of going into a general boxing class and feel more comfortable training in a supportive, women only environment.

Are boxing fitness classes for you?

If you want to improve your strength and fitness and learn how to defend yourself in a supportive and fun environment women’s boxing could be the class for you. When you enrol in a boxing class you can enjoy a fast paced and varied workout designed to help you lose fat and gain lean muscle. Boxing is a high impact activity sobe prepared to work up a good sweat!
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