What is MMAXFIT?

MMAXFIT is a high intensity group fitness program based on exercises and techniques found in mixed martial arts (MMA). MMAXFIT is non-contact, non-combative and is suitable for a range of individuals. The program has been designed to burn maximum calories in a 50 minute group fitness time slot with the aim of burning fat and increasing lean muscle tone.


Group fitness programs provide you with the support of like-minded people in a fun and supportive environment and can be a great way to motivate yourself and meet new people. MMAXFIT may benefit individuals looking to lose weight or improve their general fitness. It is suitable for a broad range of ages and fitness levels and as it is based on martial arts techniques it can also be of benefit to those who are training in a particular martial arts discipline. The fact that it is non-combative and non-contact means that even if you are not particularly experienced in martial arts you can still enjoy this class and improve your fitness and muscle tone.

Is MMAXFIT for you?

MMAXFIT can be ideal if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a high intensity martial arts style workout without the combat element. MMAXFIT is a strenuous full body fitness class designed to help you lose weight and get in shape. If you find choreography difficult to follow you will enjoy this interval based class where you can work at your own pace and challenge yourself. Great for those who like a little variety in their fitness plans.

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